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Established Physicians

With medical school and residency in the rear view mirror, physicians move into a new phase of their careers. This might be a relatively simple transition, but for many it feels like another major leap. After settling in for a few years, the true long-term professional rewards and challenges become clear. For many, tangling with the latter is essential to becoming an exceptional physician and to living a fulfilled life.

Over the long haul, we believe that the foundation of well-being and resilience is built upon reinforcing three core ideas:

  • Relationships: Physicians need opportunities to talk with peers who understand the challenges and opportunities of modern medicine. As doctors share their experiences through guided conversation, they benefit from the shared wisdom of their peers. We also encourage physicians to nurture to their relationships outside of medicine.

  • Reflection: The power of personal reflection and self-awareness is well known, but finding the time is almost impossible for physicians. Lumunos provides efficient opportunities and tools for individual and group reflection.

  • Calling: Our approach is built on the power of helping physicians return to the roots of their calling through facilitated group discussion, carefully crafted social media, and one-on-one support. Our PCS programs bolster physician resilience by helping individuals reconnect to the reason for their work, and to the pivotal role they play in our communities.

Learn more about our Physician Colleagues Services hereor contact Doug Wysockey-Johnson: doug@lumunos.org, 802.860.1936