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For nearly 100 years, Lumunos has been using the power of group process to shine a light on people’s calling. We believe that physicians live fuller, more authentic lives when they align their life choices with their most deeply held values. Our experience shows that a focus on relationships and calling can enhance physician well-being and improve patient outcomes.

Our History

In 1927, Sam Shoemaker, of Calvary (Episcopal) Church in New York, founded “Faith at Work” and began publishing The Evangel, “a magazine of faith at work.” After decades of work with a wide spectrum of sacred and secular organizations, Faith at Work became Lumunos in 2009 as the organization began to realign with the changing needs of the communities we served.

A few years earlier, the organization began to work with a new audience – medical professionals – as we saw physician friends struggle to recognize that their hard work was pivotal to the communities they served. The approaches we use in that work are rooted in skills and techniques developed while leading hundreds of group discussions with physicians. We couple that expertise with an in-depth understanding of the culture that lies within the four walls of healthcare organizations – and insights from our leading role in creating the Coalition for Physician Well-Being and the Medicus Integra project.